Ok, so in this video John mentioned that both he and Hank had outstanding punishments and he proposed a challenge - if nerdfighteria could loan a million dollars before vlogbrothers got to its 1000th video, they’d to the punishments, if not, no punishments.

We did, of course (never underestimate nerdfighters). And someone pointed out that John’s deal wasn’t totally fair, so he had agreed to go double-or-nothing

So then a couple weeks later Hank and John started Brotherhood 2.0 week and made videos back and forth every day for a week, thus completing one punishment each.

They now owed us both one more punishment. John put out this very intriguing request but nothing ever came of it.

In the meantime, John made this six-minute long video, which nerdfighters decided was not exempt because it was not “educational”. So in this video, he accepted his punishment. And in this video, Hank gave him the chosen punishment: eat a gross meal Henry came up with. So he did that here.

So, they still each owe a punishment! 

As we have researched and looked into everything last night, this seems to be the general conclusion. One punishment owed each!

Dang it.